Dakota Prairies Resource Conservation and Development Association
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Council members representing sponsor organizations:

        2016 Executive Board 


Cindy Makedonski

Vice President:

Darci Gahner


Penny Nester


Doug Schonert

Burleigh County

Doug Schonert, Burleigh County Commission
Cindy Madedonski, Burleigh County SCD
Rod Beck, Burleigh County WRD

Emmons County

Rhonda Kelsch, Emmons County SCD

Grant County

Bill Koch, Grant County Commission
Wes Frederick, Grant County SCD

Kidder County

Jackie Hewitt, Kidder County SCD
Penny Nester, Kidder County Commission 

McLean County

Doug Krebsbach, McLean County Commission
Richard Perkerewicz, South McLean SCD
Richard White Bear, West McLean County SCD

Mercer County

Gary Murray, Mercer County Commission
Dawn Martin, Mercer SCD

Morton County 

Ron Leingang, Morton County Commission
Duane Olsen, Morton County SCD

Oliver County

Blake Wilkens, Oliver County Commission
Mike Bauer, Oliver County SCD

Sheridan County

Cynthia Wahl, Sheridan County Commission
Darci Gahner, Sheridan County SCD

Sioux County

Deborah Vollmuth, Cedar SCD
Sue Isbel, Sioux County Commission

Standing Rock Tribe

Fawn Wasin Zi, Standing Rock Tribe


  All programs and services of the RC&D Councils are offered on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital or family status, disability or political beliefs.