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 Project Photos

Standing Rock Scrap Tire Removal Project

Scrap tires are an environmental  concern from the standpoint of  public health and the area landscape. RC&D and Tribal EPA and many other tribal agencies worked together to coordinate annual tire collection drives to clean up tires from surrounding communities and drop them at two collection sites on the Reservation.  Dakota Praries provided financial assistance from a Council grant, and also submitted a WalMart grant proposal that was approved and provided $25,000 to pay for removal of all of the tires from one collection site. Approximately on-half of the tires were deposited in an approved landfill, while the remaining half were recycled or utilized as fuel additive at area coal generation plants. This is an onging project with Standing Rock Tribe, and the Phase III objective is to obtain financial resources to remove the remaing tires. 

Sioux County Native Landscaping Project







Sioux County Demonstration Native Landscaping Project

Phase I of this project incorporated native grasses and flowers as a xeriscape alternative to traditional landscaping. The site is located at the Sioux County NDSU Extension Office, and is utilized for public educational purposes, as well as adding a beautiful natural setting around the Extension building.  Phase II of the project incorporated a native medicine wheel design planting. Locally hardy fruit trees were also planted in the back yard area.  Future plans include a high tunnel greenhouse to raise vegetable crops. Many of the plants were provided by the NRCS Plant Materials Center in Bismarck. Dakota Prairies RC&D provided technical assistance, and also included financial assistance through the SW ND Water Quality Education Project.    

"Alternatives to Winter Grazing" Workshop

This workshop was sponsored by the Morton County SCD and focused on winter grazing management strategies. Much of the discussion was presented by out-of-the-box producers who  focus on “making their livestock work for them”, rather than the opposite. They have realized that adopting these non-traditional management practices produce positive benefits that lead to reduced labor and facility inputs, while capitalizing on the diversity of forages that can be utilized with this system. 

Workshop keynote presenter, Kit Pharo, visiting with ND Grazing Lands Coalition Chairman, Gene Goven, during workshop intermission.  Pharo, a cow-calf and seed-stock producer from eastern Colorado, provided an in-depth look into his family-run operation, including non-traditional strategies they have implemented to reduce equipment and facility needs, simplify their work load, and improve their grass resource. He discussed how factors like winter grazing, later-season calving, and smaller cow size have resulted in reduced input costs, more profitability, and long term sustainability for their family enterprise.  


Burleigh 2008 Soil Health Tour

Burleigh 2008 SoilHealth Tour

This annual event sponsor bythe Burleigh County SCD, and usually attended by over 500 producers and stakeholders. Several participating producers demo a variety of cover crops and discuss their experiences with these innovative management practices that build soil health, reduce fertilizer and herbicede inputs, add forage for extra livestock grazing, build more soil microbe and plant diversity, protect the soil with ground cover, and a many additional positives that are building interest with producers across the state.


Rural Development Tree Planting


Landscape Publication

  Completed Native Landscaping Publication

New Sioux County Extension Building

Presenting a check from Dakota Prairies

7th grade conservation tour

Sheridan SCD Ladies Ag Night

 7th grade conservation tour

 Center-Staton Playground Project

 Hague Fire Department Project

 Hebron Skate Park Project

 Oliver SCD No-till Anyhydrous Applicator

Cedar SCD Demonstration No-Till Planter

 Sheridan SCD Demonstration No-Till Drill

Water Quality



 2007 Grazing Management Workshop

2007 Grazing Management Workshop

2007 Grazing Management Workshop


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