Lake Agassiz Resource Conservation and Development Association
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Council Members

Cass County

Richard Faught, Cass County SCD  
Ken Pawluk, Cass County Commissioner 
John Johnson, Hunter City Council                                           
Thomas E. Jefferson, State Farm Insurance, Secretary

Ransom County

Jeff Dick, Ransom County SCD  
Neil Olerud, Ransom County Commissioner
Maynard Torbenson, Enderlin City Council

Richland County

Wayne Heley, Richland County SCD     
Don Holen, Richland County Commissioner, Treasurer
Dan Reilly, Barney City Council

Sargent County

Duayne Baldwin, Sargent County SCD  
Ron Narum, Mayor of Rutland
Maurice Orn, Sargent County Commissioner

Steele County

Nolan Verwest, Steele County SCD, Chairman
Keith Jacobson, Steele County Commissioner
Brian Tuite, Finley City Council

Traill County

        Mark Osland, Traill County SCD     
        Arnold Osland, Traill County Commissioner     
        Rick Forsgren, Mayville City Council, Vice Chairman

Job Service of North Dakota

Martin Aas, Job Service of North Dakota

  All programs and services of the RC&D Councils are offered on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital or family status, disability or political beliefs.