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 Water Quality Mentorship and Outreach Program (MOP)

Dakota West and Dakota Prairies have partnered with area Soil Conservation Districts (SCD's) and the North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition (NDGLC) on our newest program to provide financial assistance for information and education activities relating to non point source water pollution. The RC&D Councils can cost-share local project activities throughout our 18-county coverage area, including informational activities and resources, workshops, field events, sponsorships, and demonstration equipment, focusing on nutrient management and water quality. Qualifying organizations are encouraged to submit project proposals to their local RC&D office. For detailed information on policy and detailed guidelines and instructions for this program, download MOP Policies and MOP Policy Attachments. Sponsors are encouraged to submit project proposals to the Dakota West RC&D office. Proposals are are accepted on an ongoing basis, and can be downloaded at Project Proposal and Voucher Forms.

Mentorship Program

 The NDGLC will provide one-on-one mentorship assistance for producers across the state. This free service is available to provide guidance and council to producers who are transitioning to new management strategies that build soil health and biodiversity on their farms and ranches. Mentors are innovative NDGLC producers who have years of experience with making the transition and have a desire to see other producers succeed with adoption of these pratices that can help to provide an economically-viable and resource-sustainable future for those in production agriculture across our state. Mentor activities are coordinated by Dakota Prairies RC&D, the administrator of this project. If you are interested in the one-on-one assistance provided by these mentors, or looking for more information on this unique and innovative program, please download the Mentorship Brochure and/or contact our office at 701-255-8721, or email dakotawest@rcdnet.net 

Southwest North Dakota Water Quality Education Program

Dakota West RC&D and Dakota Prairies RC&D co-sponsor this program to provide funding to local natural resource conservation organizations for information and education activities relating to non point source water pollution. A three year $420,000 EPA 319 grant was obtained by RC&D to provide funding to partner organizations throughout southwestern North Dakota, allowing them to reach their local communities with water quality educational programs and related activities. Project funds can be utilized for informational activities and resources, workshops, field events, sponsorships, and demonstration equipment focusing on nutrient management and water quality. This program ended in June of 2010. 

Livestock Facility Assistance Program

Dakota West RC&D and Dakota Prairies RC&D co-sponsor a program to provide engineering assistance for the design and installation of animal waste management systems throughout an eighteen county area in southwestern North Dakota. Grants and contributions totaling $429,500 has been obtained for this five year program. Grants were obtained from EPA 319 and 604(b) funds, from the ND State Legislature. Contributions have been provided from Soil Conservation Districts, Water Resource Districts, and County Commissions throughout the program area. This program ended on June 30, 2010. http://www.ag.ndsu.nodak.edu/dickinso/LFAP/index.html 

SWND Soil Health Demonstration

The Southwest North Dakota Soil Health Demonstration intends to advance
sustainable agricultural practices by educating producers, stimulating them to adopt crop management practices that advance soil health and improve profitability. This approach involves the establishment of eight demonstration plots that will follow an intense
rotation of cash or forage crops and cover crops. Improvement in soil health and productivity
are the intended outcomes. The project is intended to continue for at least ten years and outcomes will be publicized through field tours, technical data and a web-site. The demonstration plots are located on land owned by the Dickinson Research Extension Centeralongside State Highway 22 near Manning, ND. Project sponsors include: DunnCounty,Western and Central Stark Soil Conservation Districts; Dickinson Research Extension Center; ND Natural Resources
Conservation Service and Dakota West RC&D. For more information, please contact one of the project sponsors, email the project manager
Ty Eisenbraun or visit: 

RC&D Grant Funds

Federal RC&D grant funds are allocated to various organizations for their community development projects. Grant funds are provided for projects such as fire and ambulance equipment and training, playground equipment, and natural resource conservation educational projects. To access these grant funds, contact your local RC&D office.

Grant Writing Assistance

Technical assistance is provided to instruct constituents on how to search for and obtain grants from federal and state agencies and from private foundations.

  All programs and services of the RC&D Councils are offered on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital or family status, disability or political beliefs.