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Water Quality Mentorship and Outreach Program (MOP)

Dakota Prairies and Dakota West have partnered with area Soil Conservation Districts (SCD's) and the North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition (NDGLC) to provide financial assistance for projects and activities that promote management strategies to improve soil health and water quality across our 18-county area. RC&D Councils can provide cost-share for local project activities, including workshops, field events, sponsorships, and demonstration projects that focusing on improving soil health, nutrient management, and water quality. Qualifying organizations are encouraged to submit project proposals to their local RC&D office. For detailed information on policy guidelines and instructions for this program, download MOP Policies and MOP Policy Attachments.  Project Sponsors in the Dakota Prairies RC&D should submit project proposals to the Dakota Prairies RC&D office.  Proposals are are accepted on an ongoing basis, and can be downloaded at Project Proposal and Voucher Forms.

 Mentorship Program

The NDGLC will provide one-on-one mentorship assistance for producers across the state.  This free service is available to provide guidance and council to producers who are transitioning to new management strategies that build soil health and biodiversity on their farms and ranches.  Mentors are innovative NDGLC producers who have years of experience with making the transition and have the desire to see other producers succeed with adoption of these pratices; practices that can help to provide an economically-viable and resource-sustainable future for those in production agriculture in North dakota.  Mentorship activities are coordinated by Dakota Prairies RC&D, the administrator of this project.  If you are interested in this one-on-one assistance, or would like more information on this unique and innovative program, please download the Mentorship Brochure and/or contact our office at 701-250-4222 Ext. 5, or email dakotaprairies@rcdnet.net

RC&D Community Project Funds

Limited RC&D financial assistance is available for community development projects that: 1) provide public benefit (ex.- parks and playground equipment, Fire and ambulance equipment & facilities, community facilities); 2) are sponsored by an eligible sponsor, (a 501 (c) nonprofit organization, local unit of government, or special district); and 3) which address the goals and objectives of the Dakota Prairies RC&D Council.  RC&D incentive funds cannot be used for a project that has already been implemented, or for expenditures already incurred.

To request financial assistance, contact the RC&D office and/or submit an electronic  Project Proposal, outlining your proposed activity and related financial need. Proposals are reviewed at quarterly Council meetings in February, May, August, and November, and must be received by the first day of the respective month for consideration.  To receive financial assistance, project proposals must be reviewed and approved before the project begins.  When the project is completed, submit a Reimbursement Voucher to receive reimbursement.

RC&D Technical Assistance

Dakota Prairies RC&D provides technical assistance for community projects that fall within the scope and mission of the Council Area Plan and Annual Plan of Work. The Council Executive Director and/or the NRCS Coordinator are available to assist with: project coordination, planning, and facilitation; locating funding sources; grant proposal development; and bringing in additional project partners and technical service providers. They are also available to help facilitate community planning and provide additional resources available from NRCS and other partners. Contact the Dakota Prairies RC&D office at: dakotaprairies@rcdnet.net for more information.

  All programs and services of the RC&D Councils are offered on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital or family status, disability or political beliefs.